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Learn Japanese Using Anime and LingQ



This post is a transcript of a video on the LingQ YouTube channel.


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Hey everyone, it’s Eric from LingQ and today I’m going to show you a new, better, faster method to import anime into LingQ to create your own interactive lessons. Let me quickly show you what I’ve done. I have imported an episode of Shirokuma Cafe into LingQ, episode one to be exact.


And here is what it looks like. And I have been using this to study. For those who don’t know Shirokuma Cafe is a pretty  popular anime, and it’s good for high-level beginners because it doesn’t use too much slang and it focuses mostly on conversation. So I’ve been using this a lot and with LingQ, I can pull up the audio. I can view it in sentence mode, and what’s really cool about this is I have the sentence here and I can play the sentence, the exact audio from the episode.


…now that is extremely helpful for listening and speaking if you want to repeat it. You can also translate the sentence here, pull up the vocabulary using LingQ’s dictionaries, you have everything all in one. Anyways, let me quickly show you how to do that. It takes about 30 seconds. So first you have to go to animelon.com search for the anime you’re interested in. In this case, I chose Shirokuma Cafe. Then you’re going to need the LingQ extension, which you can download by Googling “LingQ extension”. Click that, make sure you’re on Japanese. Make sure you have the import to labeled as the episode.


So I have it as Shirokuma Cafeepisode one. Add your tags and click import. After about 30 seconds, you now have your lesson in LingQ. And just bear in mind, the audio does take a little bit longer depending how busy the LingQ server is. What I find is that can take anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds.

Learn Japanese online at LingQ

So just bear in mind. This is an episode and this is 24 minutes long, so it takes a little bit longer, but it’ll get there eventually. And you may be wondering why use LingQ instead of the website, uh, animelon.com. Well, I find LingQ to be easier to read just by being able to view it in sentence mode. And my personal preference is I do not need the video showing as it’s kind of distracting in the beginning.


Mind you, I do like watching the video in the first go through. But after that, I can just use LingQ and being able to pull up each sentence, save the new characters is just super easy when you’re using LingQ. And the biggest benefit of using LingQ compared to animelon and other sites, for example, is LingQ has a mobile app.


So if you’re on the bus, you’re commuting somewhere and you want to make use of your time, which is important when you’re studying language, you can just pull up the mobile app and study your lesson, have your headphones on, go through the lesson, listen to the audio, save your words, review your words and all that. While sitting down, taking the bus to work, whatever you’re doing. So that’s the biggest reason why I prefer doing my studying on LingQ. And also you will have a lot more to choose from in terms of dictionaries. You can have all these dictionaries here while Shirokuma doesn’t have that option, even though it pulls up, maybe one dictionary, um, that’s it for now.

Learn Japanese with the LingQ podcast

This is the new way you can import anime. It’s super easy, super effective. And hopefully down the road, we have some more places where we can import we’re working on, um, finding other sites. I will be making one about how to import Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, and Russian content. So we’re working hard to make importing  as easy and efficient as possible.

LingQ is the best way to learn Japanese online because it lets you learn from content you enjoy! Get started today!

So stay tuned for that and good luck studying.

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