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Finding Content to Help You Learn Gujarati

The joy of language learning is indeed always wanting more – more words, phrases, rules, and languages to help us navigate and understand the world. The perfect example of this is the Indo-Aryan language of Gujarati spoken by 55.5 million people worldwide. Yes, that’s three fives!

The 700-year-old Gujarati language is native to the nation of Gujarat in India but is also spoken in Bangladesh, Fiji, and many parts of South Asia. As such, it is a global language. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing and most widely-spoken Indian languages in the United States and Canada.
In this article, you’ll find useful Gujarati phrases, rules, and tips to help you learn better and faster.

Where to Find Native Gujarati Content

Finding native video content is crucial when learning a new language. There are a lot of channels on YouTube that can help you learn Gujarati phrases, master grammar rules, and improve pronunciation. Here are a few:

TV9 Gujarati (news for intermediate and advanced learners)
બાળકો કથાઓ (provides content for beginners)

You can also learn Gujarati in others places online, such as language learning communities and websites. Here are a few online sources that can help you with that:

Languages Home (browse a list of useful Gujarati phrases and expressions)
MyLanguageExchange (find a conversation partner to practice Gujarati with)

All these resources can make learning Gujarati that much easier! But there’s more…

LingQ Mini Stories

Learning a new language is easier with meaningful content. In other words, it is the content that is interesting and not too difficult to understand.

A good place to find meaningful content is LingQ. Especially if you’re new to a language like Gujarati.

LingQ’s mini stories contain audio, transcripts, and translations of the most common vocabulary to help you kick start your language learning.

Learn Gujarati online at LingQ

What makes LingQ convenient to use is that you can easily look up new words with a single tap, save, review, and grow your vocabulary.

Also, you can import any content from the web, such as blogs, YouTube videos, and news stories, and turn them into interactive lessons. Listen to Gujarati audio, read dialogues, look up words and phrases, and save them to you library – like this:

Learn Gujarati online at LingQ

Now, you have fully interactive lessons using content you love 😉

Learn Languages online at LingQ


More Gujarati Content

Still need more Gujarati content? Here are a few more ways you can take the next jump in your Gujarati proficiency:

Follow Gujarati blogs (read and digest daily Gujarati articles)
Read Gujarati stories (find an abundance of native Gujarati content)
Listen to Gujarati podcasts (experience the language by listening to native Gujarati speakers)

Remember: you can easily import any online content into LingQ, including blogs and podcasts! Check out our full guide, here.

Learn Gujarati Faster Using LingQ!

Learning new languages helps us explore the world, meet new people, and find new opportunities. It is an amazing feeling to know that you have friends around the globe and you won’t get lost anywhere you go. LingQ is here to help you on that journey!

You choose what you want to study. In addition to our huge course library, you can import anything into LingQ and instantly turn it into an interactive lesson.

Take your lessons wherever you go! Download the LingQ language learning app on your mobile phone – now available for both Android and iOS.


Jasmin Alić is an award-winning EFL/ESL teacher and writing aficionado from Bosnia and Herzegovina with years of experience in multicultural learning environments.