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Learn a Language with Netflix & LingQ



This post is a transcript of a video on the LingQ YouTube channel.


Learning English? Study this transcript as a lesson on LingQ.


In this video, I’m going to explain how to import transcripts of your favorite Netflix shows into LingQ as lessons. You do this with the LingQ import extension. Once you have the extension, you should go to your favorite Netflix show and press play. Once you’re in the show, press pause. Next, make sure that the subtitles are available in your target language.

Then click on the LingQ import extension icon in the top right-hand corner, a window will pop up and you can choose your target language, in this case Spanish. You can then import and the import will go directly to a file called “quick imports”. Or you can create a course so that it’s easier to organize your lessons.

In this case, we’ll choose a course named Cable Girls. Then we’ll add tags. You can click import and the lesson will automatically import into your library and the lesson will open automatically in a new window. From there, you can immediately start LingQing. Don’t forget you can view this lesson on the mobile app. With the mobile app you can study any time, anywhere. You can also find this lesson on your lessons page, as you can see, here’s the course called Cable Girls.

You can open it up and the episodes are provided. If you have further questions, you can look on the LingQ Academy, page, our blog, or our forums. Thank you. And good luck on your road to fluency.

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