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5 Korean YouTubers That You Will Love!

‘YouTube creator’ is a new career that has emerged in recent years with the rise of social media. It has been a very popular form of online entertainment in Korea, and the number of subscribers for some of these YouTubers is in the millions.
The videos they create are not only entertaining but they are also great learning tools for studying Korean! They are an awesome source of what is on trend in Korea, and you can pick up some casual colloquial terms as you are watching them.
Here are some Korean YouTubers adored by Koreans, I hope you adore them too! 

5 Awesome Korean YouTubers


Attention all makeup and K-beauty lovers!
Risabae is a Korean YouTuber and makeup artist, a guru for all makeup lovers. She uploads makeup tutorials, celebrity makeup cover videos, reviews of cosmetic products, and vlogs of her daily life. She is not only talented in her profession, but she is also well-renowned for her friendly communication with her audience and fans, so I highly recommend her channel.
She has over 2.2 million subscribers to her channel, making her one of the top YouTube creators in her genre. 

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DGD [떵개떵]

Are you familiar with the term Mukbang?
Mukbang is a type of live online audiovisual broadcast show where the host interacts with their audience while eating food and commenting on it. It is a widely loved entertainment genre in Korea, and the trend has recently become popular all over the world.
Korean Mukbang Brothers Ddeong-Gae-Ddeong are the number one Korean Mukbang YouTubers. You will first be amazed by how much they can eat, and then amazed again by how delicious everything they eat looks! 

Korean Englishman [영국남자]

Korean Englishman is a YouTube channel run by Josh and Ollie, two English men residing in Korea.
Their videos revolve around popular and cultural topics in Korea such as Mukbang, popular restaurants, tourist spots and even trying out Korean army cafeteria food. Their content is unique in the sense that they are approaching the Korean culture from a foreigner’s perspective.
I highly recommend this channel if you are interested in learning about Korean trends as they are seen by non-Koreans. 


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J.Fla Music

J.Fla is a Korean singer and songwriter who started her career on her YouTube channel, J.FlaMusic.
She became famous with covers of popular music where she re-interpreted the songs with her unique vocal style. She also writes her own music and has released multiple albums of her original music and cover songs. J.Fla’s also adds vlogs about her daily life to her channel.
Now with more than 13.5 million subscribers, J.Fla is the number one Korean Music YouTube creator. 

Paik’s Cuisine

Baek (Paik) Jong-won is a Korean chef, food researcher and a businessman. His recipes are known to be easy, simple, and most importantly, so good!
On his YouTube Channel, Paik shares the secrets of his successful restaurant business and his recipes. When he started his YouTube channel people were so excited that he earned more than 200,000 subscribers within four hours of the first video being published!
If you are into Korean cuisine, I highly recommend this channel. If you’re into the Korean video tren of “mukbang”, check out this post for some cool videos, along with some tips on how to use mukbang to boost your Korean vocabulary.

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Julie Yoon has been teaching Korean and English in formal and informal settings for ten years. She has been learning French as a third language.


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