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5 Korean Shows on Netflix that You Will Love

I have been talking a lot about using Korean Dramas as an entertaining tool to learn the language. Not only are they fun to watch, they also provide a great way to practice listening skills and study how grammar and vocabulary is expressed in practical settings.
I’m back today with more shows, and you can find all of them on Netflix!

5 Korean Shows on Netflix

Designated Survivor: 60 Days [60일, 지정생존자]

5 Korean Shows on Netflix that You Will Love
Imagine the parliament building collapsing from a terrorist attack, claiming the lives of the President and the all National Assembly members.
Designated Survivor: 60 Days features the story of Park Mu-jin, the only surviving member of the Korean cabinet, who takes on the role of Acting President after the attack and struggles to find a way to lead Korea through the ensuing chaos. It is based on the ABC/Netflix series Designated Survivor, created by David Guggenheim, adopted in a Korean setting. This show is perfect for political thriller lovers or fans of the original series.

Mr. Sunshine [미스터 션샤인]

Born a slave, Eugene Choi (portrayed by Lee Byung-hun) was a young boy when he escaped Joseon (former name of Korea) in 1871, from his master who killed his parents. He returns to his homeland after decades as a US Marine Corps officer, and falls in love with Go Ae-shin (portrayed by Kim Tae-ri), daughter of an aristocrat and a secret member of the activists organization who fight for Korea’s independence from Japanese colonialism. The show is highly rated by viewers and won several awards and nominations. A must-watch for historical fiction lovers.

Kingdom [킹덤]

Set in the time of the ancient Joseon dynasty, this Korean Netflix original show features zombies!
A strange rumour that their king is ill from a mysterious disease grips the Joseon kingdom and the crown prince (portrayed by Ju Ji-hoon) becomes the kingdom’s only hope against this zombie plague. Season one aired on Netflix in 2019 and was praised for its unique theme. Season two is in production now, to be released in 2020.

Oh My Ghost

The peaceful life of a shy cook Bong-sun (portrayed by Park Bo-young) gets turned upside down when her body is possessed by the ghost of a lustful virgin, Soon-ae (portrayed by Kim Seul-gi). Soon-ae tries to hook up with Bong-sun’s boss Sun-woo (portrayed by Jo Jung-suk) to finish her uncompleted business using Bong-sun’s body. This romantic comedy invites the audience on Bong-sun’s adventure to help out Soon-ae. It’s both hilarious and heart-warming.

Prison Playbook

Baseball player Kim Je-hyeok (Portrayed by Park Hae-soo) is sentenced to a year in prison for his physical struggle with a criminal who tries to attack his sister, only days before his major league debut. He must learn to navigate his new world with its own rules to survive with the help of his officer friend, Joon-Ho (portrayed by Jung Kyoung-Ho). This black comedy features the encounters that Je-hyeok has with other prisoners and officers in Seobu Prison. The show was praised for its dynamic plot and realistic depiction of Korean correctional facilities.


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Julie Yoon has been teaching Korean and English in formal and informal settings for ten years. She is currently learning French as a third language.