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Keep It Up: English and Japanese Stats

How are we doing 90-Day-Challengers? I hope the beginning of your challenge has been full of reading, listening and LingQing!
Wondering how other LingQ members are doing in their challenges? We’ll be posting the stats of the top challengers from different languages every two weeks. This time: English and Japanese.
In the English challenge Cozer has the most known words at 4037. Excellent work, Guvnor! Keep climbing the apples and pears (stairs) to English success.
Cozer isn’t alone at the top, the most LingQs so far were made by Jennifer1218 with 3892. Keep LingQing and drinking… tea! Tea is fuel for British people, and they can’t function without at least 5 cups a day (I may just be speaking for myself).
Jennifer1218 has been busy! She’s leading the pack with an activity score of 4300. Your dedication to learning English is helping to ease the Bowie blues we’re feeling at LingQ HQ. Thanks!
In the number one position for known words on the Japanese Challenge board we have Victoria90 with 119. おめでとうございます! (congratulations). Keep up the excellent work!
Leading the way in the Japanese challenge for LingQs created is cernat.alex with 108. やった! (You did it!). You have the right idea: You can’t LingQ enough. Nice work!
cernat.alex is also riding high on the activity score board with 169. 頑張ってください! (Do your best!).
Congratulations to everyone, those who are taking the 90-Day-Challenge and those who aren’t. You have taken the bull by the horns and are doing all you can to make your language learning goals a reality. Keep up the excellent work!

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