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Just like Steve Nash (minus the millions)

There’s nothing like positive feedback to pump you up and get you excited about what you’re doing. And best of all is when it’s unsolicited – when you don’t even ask for it.
So it’s just great to see people like Tony Chiang, one of our learners from Taiwan, give a glowing review of one of our top tutors, David Avender.
Tony spells it out right here. What makes a good tutor? Well, as Tony says:

A good tutor realizes what level his students are at. The tutors can offer some good suggestions which are suitable to these learners. On the voice discussion, the tutors give nervous learners a chance to express themselves. Most importantly, the tutors will point the learners in the right direction.

Actual real live personal interaction is absolutely critical to our system at The Linguist.
This is a piece of the learning puzzle that most online or CD-ROM language training systems leave out. Why? The answer is simple – it’s the hardest piece to do right. Like good basketball players, good tutors don’t grow on trees.
But nothing – and I mean nothing – can beat the value of working with a good tutor. Why?

  • A tutor makes it real. Learning becomes authentic.
  • A tutor gives you personal attention, and personal feedback.
  • A tutor learns where you need special help – and where you are already strong.
  • A tutor motivates you to learn and grow.
  • A tutor quickly answers questions that otherwise might bug you for weeks.
  • Most importantly, a tutor shares the learning journey with you.

Here’s to our tutors!

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