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Importing on LingQ

When learning a language, content is key. If you can find content of interest, you will be motivated to spend the time with it and to understand better.
One of the best ways to find authentic content of interest is by importing it. Whether you enjoy current events, YouTube videos about gaming or cooking blogs, you can import anything on LingQ. Let me show you how it’s done.
To import a lesson to LingQ, I click Import Lesson on the Home page and fill in my lesson information. This is the TED Talk “Does School Kill Creativity?”, and the title of the talk goes here.
Next, I add an image, the text, and the original url if I want to share this import with others on the Lesson Feed. I can also share lessons in the Lesson Library for other members to learn from, as long as the content is copyright free. To do this, I need to include an audio file and tags.
Tags categorize lessons and help other LingQ members find them easier, so they should be relevant and spelled correctly.
Before you save the lesson, first set a level. You can choose from beginner 1 or 2, intermediate 1 or 2 or advanced 1 or 2. Some of the vocabulary in this TED Talk is difficult, so advanced 1 is the most appropriate. If you want to add a translation, video, script, exercise or attachment, add them here in Resources.
The LingQ Importer Extensions makes importing even easier. The  link to the Extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox can be found in the My Lessons tab. Once it’s installed I can go to the page I would like to import from, click the extension and it will automatically import the text, image, and original url from that page to a specific course on LingQ.
You will also notice that there are media articles in your LingQ Feed. These are articles from popular news sources that are imported for you when you click on them. Use these built in sources or find your own websites, blog posts, emails, and even ebooks. Whatever you are interested in. It’s hard to stop once you get started!
Try importing your own content on LingQ today.
Happy LingQing!

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