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Import any article you want into LingQ in 2 minutes



This post is a transcript of a video on the LingQ YouTube channel.

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So let’s say I’m studying Dutch and I want to read an article to better understand how cases or declensions work in Dutch. So I’m gonna want to run my search in Dutch.


How do declensions work in Dutch?


So this is the Dutch phrase that I want to search on Google. And so there are some options here. I like to check out the Wikipedia pages to see what they’re about, you know, make sure that this is all in the right language, which it is. Great.


So now I have a Wikipedia page that I can import into LingQ so I can read it in the reader. So I’m going to click on my trusty LingQ Import Extension and make sure I change this drop down here to Dutch and go ahead and import.


So within a few moments, I can run a Google Translate and then run a Google search, find the article I want to read, pop it into LingQ. And now I can read about what I’m curious about in my target language. It’s really as easy as that, guys.


Get creative. There is nothing that you cannot do with LingQ.



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