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5 French YouTube Channels to Help You Learn the Language

YouTube is an amazing resource for finding videos and information on practically any subject that you’re interested in.
Whether you’re looking for information about science, history, math, or even local news, there’s sure to be a YouTube channel offering whatever you’re looking for.
And, of course, another great thing that YouTube can be used for is to help you learn and master the French language.
In the following article, we’re going to talk about 5 great French YouTube channels that you can use to learn French. Furthermore, these channels include closed captioning, so you can easily follow along while watching.

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French YouTube Channels

Nota Bene
Nota Bene
The first YouTube channel on our list is Nota Bene.
The channel, hosted by Benjamin Brillaud, is focused on history-related topics. That means you can learn French while learning about mythology, ancient civilizations, and an abundance of other historical facts.
Bare in mind, talking about history involves a lot of terms that aren’t very common or used much in day-to-day conversation.
Fortunately, Benjamin keeps his speech fairly clear and learning new words and terminologies is a great way to expand your vocabulary.
Hosted by Bruce Benamran, e-penser is a French YouTube channel dedicated to physics and all things science. Bruce enunciates clearly and speaks at an average French speed, which means that even newer French students should be able to follow along.
e-penser was first launched back in 2013, and started with simpler and more generalized topics, before moving on to more complex subject matter such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.
If you want a challenge, check out this YouTube channel to learn about science and topics ranging from quantum mechanics to astrophysics.
Golden Moustache
Golden Moustache
Golden Moustache is run by a group of people rather than a single host.
This French YouTube channel focuses on humor and sketch comedy and has a ton of short films that are sure to make you laugh out loud.
The hosts speak quite fast and use a lot of slang vocabulary and colloquialisms, if you’re a beginner you may have to pause a few times. Still, the videos all have closed captioning available, making it much easier for newer French students to follow along.
Jouer du Grenier
Jouer du Grenier
If you consider yourself a gamer and love older, retro video games, then you’ll love Jouer du Grenier.
The channel’s hosts, Frédéric Molas and Sébastian Rassiat take their viewers back through time and review many of the lesser-known games on retro consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Megadrive, and many more.
What’s even better is that even if you’re not a huge video game fan, you can still enjoy watching the hosts’ videos that include all sorts of jokes, pranks, sketches, and even songs.
If you’ve ever been interested in linguistics (the study of language), then you’re sure to love Linguisticae, hosted by the channel’s creator, Romain Filstroff.
Throughout his videos, Romain talks about the etymology of words, the origin of different expressions, the many Indo-European languages, as well as the evolution of the French language itself.
Last but not least, if watching and listening to French YouTubers is a bit intimidating, you can start off by going through this list of easy-to-follow French lessons on YouTube.

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How to turn YouTube videos into interactive lessons

Although YouTube is a great resource for practicing French, there are a few drawbacks. For one, looking up words takes time since you have to open up a new tab and use a dictionary. Also, reading the captions could be a lot easier.
Well, luckily for you there’s LingQ, a language learning app that lets you import YouTube videos and turn them into interactive lessons. Like this:
Learn French on the LingQ mobile app
Here’s LingQ on my mobile device. I’ve imported a YouTube video into LingQ and as you can see, it’s easier to read and look up words.
You can also listen to the video’s audio as you go through your new lesson, save your words, and a whole lot more.
LingQ comes equipped with thousands of hours of French content and you have the ability to import your own too.
Give LingQ a try and learn French online using content you love.

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