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Food in Spanish: Groceries, Cooking & Eating Out

The best way to master a new language is to integrate it into your daily life. Would you like to learn basic food vocabulary in Spanish? Read on!


Food plays a key role in the Mediterranean cultures, since it’s often an expression of affection and friendship. There is always an excuse to grab some drinks and share some tapas in Spain, even in the late evening, what puzzles many visitors. Since the workday finishes around 8 pm, dinner does not take place until 9 pm or 10 pm.


By now, I am pretty sure you have heard of the mouth-watering Tortilla Española, the superb Jamón Ibérico or the classic Paella. Eat your way to fluency in Spanish!

50 Must – Know Food Words in Spanish

Being able to communicate in Spanish will come in handy when dining out, shopping or travelling. Hungry yet? Hold on! Let´s learn the 30 basic food words in Spanish first.

Eating Times:

  • Breakfast: Desayuno
  • Lunch: Comida
  • Dinner: Cena

Basic Food Vocabulary:

  • Milk: Leche
  • Coffee: Café
  • Butter: Mantequilla
  • Sugar: Azúcar
  • Jam: Mermelada
  • Egg: Huevo
  • Potato: Patata
  • Rice: Arroz
  • Soup: Sopa
  • Salad: Ensalada
  • Vegetables: Verduras
  • Pasta: Pasta
  • Egg: Huevo
  • Onion: Cebolla
  • Garlic: Ajo
  • Pimiento: Pepper
  • Meat: Carne
  • Fish: Pescado
  • Pork: Cerdo
  • Beef: Ternera
  • Chicken: Pollo
  • Tomato: Tomate
  • Lettucce: Lechuga
  • Salt: Sal
  • Carrot: Zanahoria
  • Apple: Manzana
  • Orange: Naranja
  • Avocado: Aguacate
  • Banana: Plátano
  • Lemon: Limón
  • Pinneaple: Piña
  • Pear: Pera
  • Strawberry: Fresa
  • Watermelon: Sandía
  • Cherry: Cereza
  • Cheese: Queso
  • Dessert: Postre
  • Cake: Tarta
  • Ice Cream: Helado


  • Juice: Zumo
  • Water: Agua
  • Wine: Vino
  • Beer: Cerveza
  • Tea: Té


    • Spoon: Cuchara
    • Fork: Tenedor
    • Knife: Cuchillo


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5 Essential Spanish Phrases at the Supermarket

A good way to become familiar with the language is to write a shopping list in Spanish. Take your new vocabulary for a spin!


  • ¿Where can I weight these items?: ¿Dónde puedo pesar las cosas?
  • Where is the check-out?: ¿Dónde está la caja?
  • How much is it?: ¿Cuánto cuesta?
  • Can I pay by card?: ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta?
  • Can I have the receipt, please?: ¿Me das el ticket, por favor?


5 Essential Spanish Phrases at a Restaurant


Spain itself offers an excellent cuisine, but Latin American food is not to be overlooked. Make sure you learn the following phrases in order to make your way to a restaurant in any Spanish speaking country.


  • Can I have the menu, please?: ¿Me puedes traer la carta, por favor?
  • I´d like to drink..: Para beber, me gustaría…
  • I´d like to eat: Para comer, quiero…
  • Can I see the desserts menu?: ¿Puedo ver la carta de los postres?
  • Can I have the bill, please?: ¿Me traes la cuenta, por favor?