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10 Cool English Words to Add to Your Word-Stock

As an English learner, you can never know too many words. In fact, expanding your vocabulary should be among the top priorities on your language learning journey. That’s what native-like fluency is: knowing what to say in every moment while speaking or writing in English. However, there are two sides to every story.

If you ask me, knowing a lot of English words is cool and all but knowing the words that make you “sound cool” is even better.

Now, I’m not talking about “the hardest English words” that you can only find in a dictionary and nowhere else. Such words can usually make a normal conversation awkward. I’m also not talking about filler words, which can make you sound more fluent, but frankly, aren’t “cool” to use. Today, we’ll be focusing on really cool English words that can actually give a native-like feel to your language.

Remember, each of the following words is genuinely used in everyday conversation. It’s just the context that differs. So, take your pen and paper out and start jotting these down, or better yet make a LingQ lesson with them!

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Cool English Words for Everyday Conversation


This word describes extreme anger and hate when criticizing someone. You see, a critique can be constructive, with no emotions involved, but one with vitriol is definitely filled with emotions that have been piling up deep inside.

This word is typically used to express public criticism of e.g. celebrities, politicians, sports personalities, etc. Example:

President Trump has always been criticized for his behavior but never with such vitriol as today.



If you’re a person who believes everyone but somehow always regrets it, you can describe yourself as gullible. The word also describes people who are easily deceived and tricked. One of its synonyms in English is the word “naive”. Example:

Man, I keep getting ad pop-ups about these miracle drugs but I don’t think anyone is so gullible to actually buy them!

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This one may be a handful to pronounce but it has a very cool meaning. When you’ve managed to confuse or upset someone to the point of causing them discomfort, you could say that they feel “discombobulated”. Another cool synonym word that can be used instead is “befuddled”.

Your story just made me forgot what I was about to say… I’m totally discombobulated!
Please, just tell me what it is! My befuddled brain can’t take this any longer!



Have you ever had a strong passion for doing something? A feeling of being completely immersed? The English word that describes that strong feeling is “fervor”. Example:

It’s a beauty to watch him play basketball. He just plays with such fervor and it’s amazing!


If you love using fancy words, then this one is just for you! Instead of merely saying “name” when introducing yourself, why not use this mega old yet extremely cool English word? A “moniker” can also mean a “nickname”. Example:

I go by the moniker Jasmin Alic. Nice to meet you!

There’s also an English idiom with a similar meaning: “John Hancock”, although this expression can also indicate a person’s signature on legal documents.


This word is very frequently used in my everyday speech, mostly just to tease my friends who have found new girlfriends or gotten married.

The sad reality is that some men who find new love kind of “forget” about their friends. We call them “henpecked”. This word can also describe men who are slightly intimidated by their wives or girlfriends and are controlled by them. Example: Guys, I rarely see Haris anymore! Guess he’s become just another henpecked fella!

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Ever wanted to do something you’ve been waiting on for a very long time but there was only one thing about it holding you back? Well, that “one thing” is called a caveat. This word usually refers to red flags, warnings or major drawbacks that are part of a more concrete situation or contract. Example:

The L.A. Lakers could sign LeBron James this offseason. But, the caveat to that is they’ll have to let go of at least five other players.


A gaffe can follow you around until the end of time. It can haunt you. In simpler terms, it is a very embarrassing moment that you never intended to happen or be part of. Example:

Oh, God! Remember that one time Jake screamed “Kanye for President” so loudly in the middle of the hallway but the principal was right behind him? That was such a gaffe!


People who are perspicacious have very good observation skills. They notice and understand things others simply don’t, like detectives do.

Plus, they do so quickly and accurately! To paint a better picture of what this word means, just think of Sherlock Holmes. He’s the definition of “perspicacious”.

The perspicacious Saudi prince bought this wasteland 20 years ago. Little did everyone else know that there had been a gold mine beneath it this entire time. But, he did.

A pedant is someone who is obsessed with academic rules and wanting everything to sound perfect (even the tiniest of details). When it comes to language, it can also refer to someone who pays the utmost attention to their language use or someone who wants to know as many words as possible.

Oh, he’s such a pedant! Nobody cares whether it’s “tomato” or “tomato”. It’s the same thing!

Oh, well… you can easily become a “pedant” if you master all of the cool words from today’s list!

Speaking of cool words, here’s a bonus one…


This word can have two meanings, a positive and a negative one. On one hand, it refers to someone who is very outspoken (positive) but it can also refer to someone who just “likes to talk a lot” (negative). Examples:

Let’s send Jim to the State Debate Competition. He’s one of our more loquacious students.
Shawna, sometimes you get a bit too loquacious for my taste. Please, zip it!

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Until next time, happy learning, everyone!



Jasmin Alić is an award-winning EFL/ESL teacher and writing aficionado from Bosnia and Herzegovina with years of experience in multicultural learning environments.

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