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Business Spanish Resources for Intermediate & Advanced Learners

Do your interests lie in the world of business? Perhaps you will be working in a Spanish-speaking country soon. If either of these statements describes you then you are going to love the Spanish content in this post!


Not so fast though… while it is important to know business jargon if you are seeking to learn Spanish for the purpose of working or doing business, it isn’t a good idea to just learn business Spanish.


A good way to think about this idea is to recognize that people speak Spanish differently in different social situations. When people are at work, they may speak very differently to their managers and coworkers than they would speak to their friends after work.


To be clear, this does not mean that you cannot be friends with your co-workers. It simply means that there is a more formal and professional way that people speak while at work and a more casual way that people speak outside of work.


Watch this video to learn about polyglot Steve Kaufmann’s philosophy on this subject:



If you are looking to level up your business Spanish, here are some learning resources that you can use to work on business Spanish on LingQ

Intermediate Content:

Learn to talk about money

Don’t Just Learn Business Spanish

Check out this lesson on LingQ and begin learning how to talk about money in Spanish. Save new words and phrases, grow your vocabulary, and start your journey to fluency by learning how to communicate about money in Spanish.

Learn to talk about money course on LingQ.



For Advanced learners, expand your knowledge and business-related vocabulary through interesting subjects like finance, management, and entrepreneurship on LingQ

Advanced Content:

M.M. Finanzas 

Subject: business

Do you want to know the history of the world’s companies and the world of investments? Would you like to know the different business models, entrepreneurs, and companies that exist? This content is for you!

M.M. Finanzas course on LingQ.

Exito Financiero 

Don’t Just Learn Business Spanish

Subject: Personal finance

Weekly videos on personal finance and strategies for true financial success and abundance.

Exito Financiero course on LingQ.



CURSO ADMINISTRACIÓN DE NEGOCIOS (Cómo administrar mi empresa)

Subject: Business management

Looking to start your own company? CURSO ADMINISTRACIÓN DE NEGOCIOS (Cómo administrar mi empresa) is an entrepreneurship channel that will guide you.


CURSO ADMINISTRACIÓN DE NEGOCIOS (Cómo administrar mi empresa) course on LingQ.




Subject: Entrepreneurship

Explore the Business shelf in our library to learn Spanish from other business-related topics.


NegocioStart course on LingQ.


The potential pitfall for Spanish learners who intend to use Spanish at work is that they will neglect altogether the more casual or conversational version of Spanish necessary to meet people and foster relationships outside of work. Of course, it is still essential to learn the technical jargon that is specific to any job that you may be working, but it is also important to remember not to neglect the more social or cultural version of the language.


To avoid this pitfall, here are some resources to help learn the more casual (after-work) style of Spanish.


For Beginners:
Conversational Spanish

Study the basics of conversational Spanish creating LingQs as you go. Yellow words are known words and blue words are unknown. Click on blue words to see the definitions, then save them.

Then review your new vocabulary with flashcards.

Conversational Spanish course on LingQ. 

For Advanced learners, I recommend checking out the “Netflix in Spanish” shelf in our Spanish library:


From there, watch your favourite Spanish shows and import the transcripts using the LingQ browser extension. Learn all about importing on LingQ here.



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