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#286 Steve and Alex – Forces of Nature

Steve and Alex talk about various different natural disasters that happened in Canada and around the world. They also discuss what it means to do something useful in life.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Environment
Duration:  10:45
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Alex:    Yeah. I remember when I used to live in California, actually, up until four years ago. It was southern California and it’s really dry in the summers and we had a lot of forest fires. I remember, particularly, I think 2006 or 2007, there was massive forest fires all across the state. Actually, nearby my house there was a forest fire going on at one point and when I was sitting in my room I could smell the fires burning. I remember driving through a few weeks later on a back country road and on both sides of the street all the trees were burnt to a crisp.
Steve:    Wow.
Alex:    Yeah.
Steve:    I mean in Slave Lake, of course, you hear them say how the town’s people are all helping each other and there’s a great sense of solidarity and so forth. And I guess there’s a certain amount of, I don’t know what you’d call it, nervous tension or people are coping with the situation, much like on a much, much, much greater scale in Japan.

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