learning another language reveals new horizons


LingQ Writing Contest submission by raisapopescu

My name is Raisa Popescu. I live in Romanian. I am Romanian.
I begin to study English since few years ago, when I had a severe illness.
So the study another language was for me such a terapy.
I feel fine now. I learned English myself with English book without teacher and I want to improve my skill English. Thank you for your support.
Learning another language is for me a challenge.
I can communicate to other people. My son -in-law is German.. We understand each other in English. Well my study is useful.
Learning another language makes enrich own native language. Utterance became better and more accurate.
Learning another language reveals horizons of new knowledge about other places and mentalities.
Learning another language is fun for me. I am retired. I am 64 years old and I like to learn.
There are a lot of opportunities for learning another language in this time of 21st century. Ones of them is your site too. Thanks for your help.
So my advice is for young and old people: learn another language.
Thank you very much.



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