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Languages are the Bridge to Other Cultures

The most important thing you gain when you learn a language is that you establish what is called a bridge between your mother tongue and the target language. This bridge is essential in communication and mutual understanding among diverse nations and varied cultures. When you learn a certain new language you will soon find out that you expose yourself to a different culture, a different method of thinking and a different heritage.

The Language Bridge

This brand new concept will give its contribution to widening your scope of knowledge and helping you to become more flexible and resourceful. Your character will have another great alternative foundation on which you can rely to solve a lot of problems. You will have a wonderful time walking in various fields and smelling novel flowers. With language, we can express our hopes, desires, dreams and fears. With language, we can pass our knowledge, experience, skills and points of view. That’s why we can say that when you learn a new language, you double the benefit of your life time as you win another life! A major example for demonstrating this bridge is late Egyptian president Anwar Al-Sadat.
Not only was Al-Sadat a great leader but he was also a brilliant linguist (He spoke more than 5 languages).This made him greatly tolerant and understanding towards the other cultures. While he was responsible for breaking out war between Egypt and Israel again, he, with his partners, managed to reach the durable Camp David Accords which ended war between the two countries up till now and saved thousands of lives. Through his initiatives, he taught a lot of people how to take significant steps towards peaceful coexistence and reciprocal appreciation. He couldn’t have done so without his profound knowledge of other languages. He properly used this lingual bridge to conceive the others’ attitude and to convey his perspective to them. Sure he learnt that when you can’t dictate your conditions, you should negotiate and do something like give and take without violating your constant values.
I can’t imagine that he reached this ability without navigating in literature and spending good deal of his precious time with remarkable names like Shakespeare, Dickens and Arthur Miller. He was exceptionally interested in history but it is completely another thing when you read history from another point of view. No wonder he could figure out a lot of dilemmas.

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