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Open Forum on LingQ

Estimating the number of distinct words in a given language

The Oxford English Dictionary gives descriptions for 750,000 words for English (so says Wikipedia). I doubt Russian has less than ...

Fórum Livre em Português (Open Forum in Portuguese)

O Bin Laden brasileiro se esconde no Centro de São Paulo!!!

Eles falaram sobre Inri Cristo no vídeo, Bin Laden não conhecia -->

Muito engraçado! Bin Laden: "Eu sou seu fã, Obama" :)

Support Forum

Tagging multiple lingqs

I'll wait for it then. Thanks.

Zbrntt got it exactly as I meant: I'd like to be able to select a number of lingqs and apply ...

Is there a way to apply a tag to multiple lingqs at once? I'd like to be able to tag ...

LingQ Developer Forum

Number of known words

While there's news on the API, here's a python script that prints the number of known words for a list ...

Back to the original question, any plan on adding an API method to retrieve the NUMBER of known words in ...

Support Forum

suitable microphone to record podcasts

Maybe not as "studio" quality as other microphone, but the H1 Zoom has very good sound quality and is very ...

Open Forum on LingQ

LingQ Ukrainian

Steve, I hope you get into Ancient Greek at some point ;)

Foro abierto en Español (Open Forum in Spanish)

Recursos online para aprender Italiano/Alemán

Yo estoy convencidísimo de la utilidad de los cursos de Assimil. Yo hice el de alemán básico con muy buenos ...

Open Forum on LingQ

How do you get back on track after a hiatus?

I'm back after a few months off. I didn't completely stop language learning but I wasn't nearly as active as ...

Uso de ESTAR

@tojo: In Costa Rica you better say: "Estoy pura vida" ;) Best, Rafael (Costarrican in Canada)

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