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Open Forum in English

Seinen Kaiser Wilhelm druntersetzen

Yes, "to put your John Hancock" simply means to put your signature on something. One of the signers of the ...

LingQ Updates and Known Issues

Unfollow threads

If I understand you correctly, you can "unfollow" a thread by going to the beginning of the thread in the ...

Open Forum on LingQ

90-Day Challenge

@Beatrizm "If I can make/do (I never know how to use) a suggestion . . ." The expression is "make" ...

Support Forum

The sound player dont work properly in Linux Mint

The sound player works okay on Firefox 30.0 with Linux Mint 17 on my desktop.

Open Forum in English

Free French learning resources on the Internet

Maybe something in these will help you: This site links to dozens more sites: Slow news in French: ...

Bilingual books

An update. produced more books than it lists on its own website. If you do an advanced search on ...

French bulldogs are one of Britain's fastest growing breeds.

@Yutaka "Does the title sentence mean that French dogs as a breed 'are' one breed of the Britain's fastest growing ...

Caveat emptor:

Support Forum

All my lessons are gone

This thread makes me glad I back up my lessons on my own computer.

Open Forum on LingQ

Lessons not loading

Vera's advice worked for me. The dashboard was not loading with Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 on Linux Mint 17. Clearing the ...

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