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Between the freedom and anarchy (about the Revolution in Ukraine)

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"Anyway, I am glad this is happening on the Russian border and not on the US border. In a similar situation, the Americans would never have shown as much constraint as Russia."

The only comparable possible situation I could see happening is if, perhaps, Mormon Anglo-Mexicans tried to make their land part of the United States. Still, that is totally different because they did not relocate themselves there while that part of Mexico was in any way a part of the union, and it is a considerably smaller population.

In looking for another example, I checked to see if the Americans tried to aid in the Québec secession movement. I can't find anything.

"I just hope that this damages and weakens the EU as much as possible :-D"
I can understand your having an opinion against the EU, but this way of looking at it puzzles me. You want your government to fail? How much damage would you like? Collapse? Would that not be worse than keeping a system you dislike?

@ David
Not to speak for Jay on this point, but I think he's of the opinion (and I can agree to some extent) that the weakening of the EU as it is currently arranged would actually strengthen the UK.

In some regards the EU has started to become this weird kind of supra-state, with mostly unelected bureaucrats holding powers higher than the sovereign rights of individual member states.

In general I think it's a good thing to have some kind of united europe, but some recent issues ( e.g. Brussels / "Human Rights" courts trying to prevent the UK from deporting known terrorists, and trying to force the UK to allow all prisoners the 'right' to vote) tell me that the current set-up aint good.

Mormon Anglo-Mexican-LGBTQIA-suicide bombers perhaps ?


Thanks for your bit of clarification. There are plenty of Americans who are against strong national level power in our federal system, but in that context Jay's manner of discourse would be immediately decried. Perhaps this topic would be better discussed over on Robert's thread.

По поводу Вашей ссылки (
Нужно быть внимательнее, этот же человек спрашивает в самом начале: "Восемьсот десятая, да, ребят?".
810-я отдельная бригада морской пехоты дислоцирована в Севастополе и является частью ЧФ

...и когда эта 810-я оттуда уедет, Украина перестанет получать 30% скидку на газ.

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