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Glossika's account removed by youtube

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ad Jay: hahaha, I wonder how Evgueny managed to translate that without dying of laughs :-)

I have to say, you have quite some talent for writing. My favourite part is Чёрт возьми! И он всё еще жив! lol

By the way, Evgueny has a wonderful voice and he certainly is an excellent choice if you look for high-quality Russian texts.

Does Клагстон speak Russian? I hope he doesn't know where you live lol.

That´s an interesting story, reminds me of superheros...

double post

Yes agree, I also got both of them. GRS doesn´t really "work" for me, its to much english flying around, and it gets kind of messy sometimes also. But I like the idea, and maybe it could work together with the first one in some way.

@Robert: "...My favourite part is Чёрт возьми! И он всё еще жив! lol..."

As I recollect, the original was "Scheiße! Und er lebt noch?" One needs to know these things :-)

@Robert: "...Does Клагстон speak Russian? I hope he doesn't know where you live lol..."

I doubt it: the думмес арсшлох struggles to speak English! :-D

@ Robert

"By the way, Evgueny has a wonderful voice and he certainly is an excellent choice if you look for high-quality Russian texts."

He makes some excellent Russian lessons. I especially like his 'Basic Paterns for Beginners' course. He also has a Beginners 2 course where each lesson is a quick joke (I get about one out of every ten of the jokes). I also liked the German lessons he made with Reinhard (alleray) about German grammar.

Anyway, how many points would I have to pay you two (you and Reinhard) to record a conversation in dialect about paintball tactics while wearing masks over your faces? This would be very useful for me.

ad Colin: (...) ...while wearing masks over your faces (...)

I hated those masks when I was in the Army, so you'd have to pay a LOT or say something REALLY NICE about interpreters next time ;-)

You mean misinterpreters?

Robert - Army?

I must see pictures

"Robert - Army, I must see pictures"


I've been wondering about this for a while - is this the same Glossika?
Sounds like there were some pretty fancy business maneuvers in Taiwan over a decade ago.

My take on that is it's just another situation where Glossika was unfairly attacked or treated - but it's really none of our business... Frankly, that particular link is akin to reading gossip...

ad Colin: (...) you mean misinterpreters ....(...)

Oh, wow, Colin, you should have told me you are dyslexic, it would have made things so much easier ;-)

As for the Army, that was long before smartphones, Internet etc. existed. We had cameras but hardly took any photos of us in uniforms. I might have one or two though because I was also sent to Italy as a military interpreter and they even made a little video I might still have. I remember they took a few pictures then too.

I might write a little story about some of my "military adventures" and upload it to lingq. While I was one of the best at the shooting range (we used both the STG 58 and STG 77, STG standing for Sturmgewehr, i. e. assault rifle), overall I was more of a threat to my own troops than to any potential enemy (I was even excused from throwing live hand grenades while lying down because I did not throw them far enough ;-)).

I'm about the clumsiest guy you can imagine, yet our Army thought it appropriate to send me to the corps of engineers. So, all the disasters that resulted from their ignorance served them right.

I mean I'm dangerous enough holding a match in my hands, give me some dynamite and you'd better run for shelter (and that included my own superiors lol).

I was more like the "Soldat Schwejk" (a very good novel if you have not read it yet). The original was written in Czech and is a story about a Czech soldier in the Austrian-Hungarian Army trying to avoid being drafted for WWI.

ad Julie and Wulfgar:

I remember having read about that dispute a few years ago. I don't know the details, I guess only Glossika and the translator involved know them well enough to judge what actually happened.

All I can tell you after having been in the interpreting and translating business for two decades is that you find an incredible amount of ignorants and crooks on both sides, i. e. amongst so-called translators (I say so-called because to date in most countries there is no regulation in place as to the official requirements to be met before you can start working as a translator/interpreter and I have received applications from "translators" who seemed to have trouble with consistently spelling their own name correctly) and those assigning a translation project to freelancers.

I feel Glossika's products help me a lot in my studies and I enjoy using them. I read on another forum that some people found them boring. Fine, if they do so, I guess it is not the right product for them and there is nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't buy products I'm not happy with either.

As for any other matter, Mike is not my pal but a business partner (since I'm one of his clients) and if he should violate any law in any jurisdiction, I guess there are law enforcing authorities that will take care of that.

Generally (there might be exceptions), I don't like it if people try to bring their "legal case" to a forum where nobody can verify the accuracy of their statements instead of taking their opponents to court.

If I'm not mistaken the particular dispute at hand was also an issue on, a market place for translators/interpreters and their clients. They have a black list for customers not paying or for translators not meeting certain professional requirements.

I haven't used the site for years, so I don't know how they handle things today.

I still cannot pay through PayPal. No email from Glossika and only another link to the security questions from PayPal. Hopefully PayPal will answer my latest email in a more personal way. Although this is not a LingQ issue I'll get back to you if I resolve the issue. It might help someone else.

It would seem that there is still hope for Mike's videos to return -> Mike Glossika:
''We're going to try to get the channel back. If not, all the details of those videos are still in my head, if not more developed and mature now.
When I do start a new channel I will 1) keep the Chinese and English viewers on separate channels 2) training (content) videos separate from personal on-screen discussion videos. And we need to mark the actual ownership of all material appropriately, and recommend everybody else doing the same.''

lovelanguagesIII - thanks for the background.

Hurrah! I think PayPal have cancelled my account as I asked them to, because I have now been able to pay for Mike's beginner Chinese products. I'll get the links within 24 hours!

@Ginkgo58 Glad to hear it! Mike's material has changed me :)) I am actually doing something little every day, even though I only use the C files. I am not a Beginner as such and so don't need the vocabulary in his lessons (apart from the exotic names), but I find the listening very helpful and my spelling is getting back on track. Very pleased about having found Glossika.

Can anyone explain how youtube justified doing this?

ad steve: As far as I know they justified it with copyright issues. Mike said that he only used products he had the copyright for (it was basically only his own material anyway). I remember how youtube once deleted a video by laoshu where he simply presented a self-study book. He only talked about the book and showed some pages. That was enough for them to delete the video.

Why they went as far as to delete Mike's entire account without informing him (that's what he said on his website) of any alleged contraventions I don't know.

I have seen almost all his videos: no violence, no sex talk, no hate must have been the "copyright thing".

Having bought the Chinese basic 1 GSR and GMS packages, I find the GMS fast and the GSR very, very fast. I can cope with the GMS if I have my finger on the pause button. This allows me to stop every now and again. The GSR, however, I will leave until I can cope with the GMS without stopping. I am finding this system really useful. It helps me to speak complete sentences at normal speed. I try to copy the tone shape over the whole sentence.

I have typed up the whole of the first list of sentences and imported them into LingQ. This took quite some time, but helps me to clearly see the words I don't know yet. Probably I won't do this with the other 19 lists.

How are the rest of you that are using the material working with it?

I was even wondering if getting the German GSR (German from Chinese) would help me with both languages. I think I could understand almost all of the German without being able to understand the Chinese. Perhaps I can use this package to help me with both languages. Or perhaps it would be not very helpful to try something that might confuse me. Anyway, the price is only USD$5.99. I think I will try it.

Let's hope Mike gets his videos going again soon.

ad Ginkgo58: I mostly just listen to the sentences. However, I also repeat them aloud. I bought some of his products for Chinese and Russian. I really like them a lot. They are similar to what I used for my working languages ages ago. It is a nice and practical supplement to my other study tools.

As for the speed, yes they speak fast, but after a while you'll get used to it.

I also bought the printed books for some of his products and/or his pdf files. I normally read them without listening to the audio files.

Sometimes I read the sentences and listen to the audio at the same time, but that is more to practise recognizing characters.

The prices for his products are very low I think. I have paid much more for much less effective material (effective for my learning style).

Getting the GSR for German / Chinese sounds like a good idea. I have bought similar products (from other providers) for Mandarin - Japanese, Japanese - Russian, French - Japanese etc.

It is great because you can actually practise two foreign languages at the same time. However, I think you should have at least an advanced intermediate level in one of them.

Since Mike is supposed to also go to the polyglot gathering in Berlin, I look forward to talking to him in person about some of his future plans (in case he has time for that ;-)).

I have bought GMS-BASIC1-ENZH. After some tries, I find the sentences very boring, even more boring than the stupid lessons in some Chinese textbooks. What's more, the PDFs are protected against "Copy and Paste", so copying the sentence texts into LingQ or Anki is not possible.

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