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What is the average number of words you can learn a day?

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It is good to have a balanced diet.


Die Schweizer Schokolade darf bei der Unterstützung des Lernprozesses nicht vergessen werden!

Dank dem hohen Serotoningehaltes ein Wundermittel!

Serotonin wird auch Glückshormon genannt!


Jolanda likes to mix LingQs into her fondue. They are the same colour as the cheese, so one can hardly notice them.

I agree with Steve, I the best method to learn now words ls reading and listening. For me to study memorising flash cards is boring. I remember words when I find many time the same word in different sites, when I read what interests me.

It depends. For an easier language, I could easily do 500-700 in a week. In a harder language.

Yes, you're right, the difficulty depends on each language. For me are easier the Romance Languages, the vocabulary is very similar.

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