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1.Arabic: Because my father is from Syria and though I should know it, I don't, but I hope to start learning it as soon as possible.

2.Japanese:It sounds カッコイイすぎる and though it's been around for a long time, it sounds very fresh .Not to mention that its grammar is pretty simple.Oh and also because 私は アニメ を 大好き !
3.English: Well you don't really need a reason to love this awesome language .

4.Hungarian: I've been studying(dabbling) it for 3 years and I have to say that it sounds pretty nice(though the grammar too difficult ).

This sounds like fun! I guess I'll start with those I am already studying and then go into those I am wanting to study.

My timeline:

1) Japanese: By far my favorite language out of those I've studied, probably because it was the first one I did study. I started studying around the age of 10, and while I managed about a 1-year-of-college-classes level, I didn't get much beyond that until late in high school.

2) French: I studied French in high school, but was not serious about it and didn't learn much of anything. After I finished the courses at my school, I fell in love with French musicals and spent most of my free time listening to French music, watching interviews with the actors and singers, and eagerly piecing apart news articles, which both rapidly led to a certain degree of fluency and brought me to Lingq for the first time.

3) Korean: I started trying to study in high school on my own, but did not get anywhere, even after discovering TTMIK. This past fall and winter I spent a semester abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, doing a homestay with a local family. I learned a lot, and while my Korean is no where near where I want it, I at least have a very solid foundation to build on.

4) Italian & Ancient Greek: I studied Italian for two years in college and Greek for one, and I really loved both, but have not had the motivation to study them since. I'm certain this won't be the end of the story for either, but for now they're sort of on hiatus.

5) Cherokee & Spanish: These have been the languages I'm most recently interested in. My grandmother is Cherokee, and while I don't have contact with her any more for a wide range of reasons, I find myself thinking a lot about her recently and about the time I spent with her growing up. For me, this is the most personal way that I can connect with her and with that part of my past. As for Spanish, I've wanted to speak Spanish for the longest time, but could never find any real desire to study it. For some reason, lately, I've grown a huge interest in Latin and South America, and thus have caught the learning bug.

6) Arabic, Dutch, German, Mandarin, Navajo, Thai, Russian, Modern Greek, Vietnamese: These are the languages I have not even started, but I would really love to learn, more or less ordered by my level of interest. I could probably add to this list forever, but... I'll cap it here for now. I hope that I can one day study all of these and more! (And also that I can get better with those that I am studying now...)

Swedish, my native language. (and I know what IKEA and ABBA is short for).

English, learned the basics more or less in the golden age of videogames (88-93)

German, 2 "years" in school, I learned that "öl" means oil, not "bier"/beer (like in swedish)
I will get back to this language, someday, and for real this time.

Finnish, started with it short after moving to Helsinki, discovered also Lingq, Krachen, etc.
Favorite language.

Russian, because I needed a bad-boy companion to my finnish daily nightmares. I don't know what I was thinking.
Maybe that their clomplexity would cancel each other out in some way. (they didn't)

Italian, now when my finnish is self going, I'm starting with Italian.

If I had more time; Dutch, Icelandic, Japanese

Farsi/Persian (my native language). I love the literature. I can't help it.
Arabic (my favorite language). The best language ever someone can express their thoughts.
English (I can communicate with most of the people from any country)
Polish (I'm not learning now but like to learn one day)
Although I'm learning a basic of French, Spanish, Korean.
Indian/Pakistani languages & Chinese if I could in future.

Finally about to get back into learning languages now that I am done with school for the time being. I'll have to relearn so much that I lost in that downtime.

After my native English...

1) Spanish: I love the sounds of Spanish, I had gotten to the level where I could watch TV series without subtitles and understand most everything. And even read halfway through La Sombra del Viento. I love Hispanic food and culture... *cough* and the men *cough*. Eventually I want to become more scientifically literate in it as well given that I'm a chemist.

2) Mandarin: I love the look of the Chinese characters, and I managed to remember the meanings of about 2000 of them before. I really need to start blasting away at learning more words and getting better at listening. I love the history and culture of China and would love to be able to travel there. The language itself is very different and challenging which makes it so exciting for me

3) French: I would like to learn French, I love the way that it sounds and the way the words feel in your mouth when you say them. I hated on it in high school, and people are often very negative towards any mention of "french" things in the US. A part of me wants to learn it so I can stick it to this ignorant mentality I once played a part in.

4) Russian or Arabic: In tradition of finding challenging languages with different writing systems. A rich beautiful culture is the icing on the cake.

Learning now:

1) Japanese: It's an amazing good sounding language and it has the kanji which is an amazing tool to prepare your brain to learn another language. Japan has a "delicious" culture and it's very pleasant to read something in Japanese or to discover more about the country in their own language.

2) English: It's the best language to communication. You can be able to chat with almost everyone in Earth trhough English. Also it sounds very good.

Next languages:

3) French: It's very near from my native portuguese (as a romance language) and with English. Seems to be an extraordinary language to write in.

4) Germany: The best sounding language for me. I love to hear somenone talk in Germany.

5) Spanish: Very near to portuguese, I have studied a little for some months, so I can understand very well someone speaking in Spanish, and I can also read everuthing in the language. But I'm not able to speak :/

6)Dutch: I have an affair with this language. Seems to be very similar to Germany, but has a little bit more charm, don't know why.

7)Russian: With Russian you are able to communicate with almost every ex-USSR country. Also, I love gymnastics and Russia is one of the best countries in that sport.

8)Polish: Good sounding language. I want to learn someday.

English: this is national language. I can find any infomation or speak with anyone in the word by english.
Vietnamese: this is my mother language, i have been learning it when i was born and i will use it all my life.
Japanese: i like their coutural, beatifull landscape and Japan's technology.

I don't think that English is the 'national' language in Vietnam, which is, if I am not mistaken, the only nation in the world who have defeated the USA.
What you wanted to say is that English is an 'international' language, I suppose.

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