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Everyone is capable of becoming fluent in a second or third or ninth language! All you need is the desire to learn and the right system. - Steve Kaufmann, LingQ co-founder

Our Story

  • LingQ started in 2002. It is developed by The Linguist Institute, a company founded by Steve Kaufmann and his son Mark to develop better tools for language learning.

    Until the age of seventeen Steve spoke only English. Traditional methods have not been working for his French – after 10 years of study Steve couldn’t speak it.

    One day, the desire to communicate in other languages and understand other cultures has turned to a true passion which brought Steve to creating and developing his own method of language learning. It has become the base of LingQ system enabling thousands of learners from all over the world to enjoy language learning and successfully reach their goals.

  • LingQ is not about classrooms, homework and memorising grammar rules. It is about a fun and simple way to learn languages from authentic, interesting content, just the same way that your learned your first language.

    Steve Kaufmann has proven that this system works – he is now fluent in eleven languages. Other 600, 000 LingQ members continue to prove it every day dramatically improving their languages.

    LingQ is driven passionate, enthusiastic language learners and native speaker tutors. If you want to be part of a vibrant online community and make a breakthrough in your new language, we would like you to start your learning journey at

Our Mission

We are devoted to breaking down the barriers that prevent people from learning languages.

What LingQ Offers

  • One of the best foreign language libraries on the web. Choose from thousands of hours of audio along with matching transcripts.

  • Powerful vocabulary tools. Creating LingQs you will have all your new words in one place and learn them with our reviewing tools.

  • Unique tracking system. Track and measure everything you learn at LingQ. We set the targets, you reach them!

  • Global online community. Join live conversations, have your writing corrected, get help from personal tutors, make friends!

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Meet the LingQ Team

The LingQ team is always happy to answer your questions, help to solve any issues and assist you along your exciting language learning journey.

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