playlist on app not advancing or shuffling

Potami us United States

On the website, my playlist advances from one lesson to the next automatically, and if I select "shuffle" it randomizes the order of the lessons, all as expected. But on my phone (Android), the playlist will advance at most one lesson and it doesn't shuffle at all. Is there some setting I haven't figured out so that the playlist on the phone behaves like the playlist on the website, or is that not an option? I see a "shuffle" icon on the phone playlist and it is selected. Many thanks!

July 21 在 18:46
  • 管理員
    zoran rs Serbia

    Thanks, we will investigate that. Which device and android version you are using? Also do you have latest app version installed?

    July 21 在 21:29
    • Potami us United States

      phone: HTC 10 , Android v. 8.0.0

      LingQ app v.4.8.5 (265)

      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but that doesn't change things.

      Note: now that I know how to download to my mp3 player, I'm not so concerned about the playlist on the app, so don't spend a lot of time on this unless others are also having a problem.

      Thank you!

      July 23 在 16:37
      • 管理員
        zoran rs Serbia

        Thanks, we will look into that.

        July 23 在 17:39