formatting issue-new lines

jbfan88 us United States

An issue I have at times with things like song lyrics: when I open the edit lesson feature, all the lines of the song are formatted correctly, but when i save it, all the lines get jumbled together. ANy idea what casues this and how to fix it?

March 03 在 01:16
  • Jubon it Italy

    That would be great help. Hope someone is going to explain us.

    April 03 在 22:17
  • opel65 es Spain

    I use to edit the lesson and add a second espace line. This solves the issue in most cases.

    April 04 在 11:46
    • Jubon it Italy

      That's right, that works in most of cases, but I hope for something more deterministic.

      I've tried using and but they have no effect here.

      Please, how to enter new lines and new paragraphs in order to fix our material?


      April 04 在 12:56
  • vlvl us United States

    they cant fix this problem for ages. I guess we need to send them email , as they dont read forum

    April 06 在 15:31
  • clausagerskov dk Denmark

    Same problem here, when copying from word, it works for the first lingq lesson page

    EDIT: just found a random forum post mentioning the sentence ending marker


    If you insert this, the line skip will be conserved

    July 20 在 22:04
  • vallarta us United States

    I don't if this relates to what you doing, but I copy text into Word and then change all the line breaks to paragraph breaks, To do this I use find and replace. Then I copy it into lingq.

    I had formatting problems with importing before doing this. It seems to make a difference.

    July 20 在 22:25