About the missing chapters of the German version of Steve Kaufmann's book The Linguist.

Jadenutt cn China

I'm currently reading the German version of The Linguist: a Personal Guide to Language Learning by Steve Kaufmann and I found that there are a whole lot of missing chapters (no. 27-no.46, maybe even more). Would the Lingq team please re-upload these missing chapters ASAP? Thank you very much, I (and probably a lot of other people) would really appreciate your help!

July 21 在 13:00
  • 管理員
    zoran rs Serbia

    Sorry but I don't think we have missing parts available for importing at the moment. I'll check with Steve if we can get and upload them.

    July 21 在 17:38
    • Jadenutt cn China

      It would be most marvellous if you guys can get it fixed. I'm looking forward to reading the complete version. Thanks!

      July 22 在 10:18
  • SergeyFM ru Russian Federation

    Many thanks for bringing this course to our attention. I hope LingQ team will reupload missing chapters. The Linguist was written by Steve, the man we all "know" - and it makes this book an especially interesting read!

    July 21 在 19:28
    • Jadenutt cn China

      fingers crossed👌

      July 22 在 10:16
  • lucasdiniz br Brazil

    I am also looking forward to read the entire book. Waiting for an answer.....

    September 22 在 11:58
    • 管理員
      zoran rs Serbia

      Sorry but that's what we have for now in German version of "The Linguist" book.

      September 23 在 16:56
      • SergeyFM ru Russian Federation

        Thanks for checking. By any chance can the rest of the book be made available in text-only mode?

        September 23 在 18:11