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How to enable double subtitles to learn Spanish on YouTube for FREE! (New & Updated video)

October 22 在 02:18


I know I've shared about Dualsub before here on LingQ, but I did a new and updated video from my new computer--instead of just talking into a phone-- to really demonstrate how to use this amazing free tool.

I wish I knew how to enable double subtitles on YouTube when I was first trying to watch Spanish videos for native Spanish speakers online. It was very hard. I eventually learned about using Spanish subtitles on YouTube, which really helped me, but if I had known about using double subtitles, I would have watched a lot more native Spanish videos sooner. (Now, probably around 95% of the time or more, I don't use Spanish subtitles when I'm watching Spanish YouTube videos.)

Here's the link to the free Dualsub chrome extension to get double subtitles on YouTube:

Here's my new 9 minute tutorial on how to use Dualsub as well as some bonus tips:


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