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Feeling Overwhelmed with How to Use Resources

November 26 在 03:27

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well.

I’ve been learning Spanish independently since around April of this year and I started off drilling grammar tables, etc but have recently switched to a stronger focus on reading and listening to content in Spanish for the past two months or so.

I predominantly use LingQ with my reading of articles and stories and I listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos in Spanish. I would say my level is intermediate A2-ish.

I might be over thinking things but when it comes to actually choosing content to read or listen to, I find myself spending more time trying to find just the right content than actually spending time reading or listening lately.

For example, I’ll pick a podcast and then while listening it might be only 20% comprehensible which leads me to stop and search for a different podcast that I can understand more. It’s the same with books. I started reading Los Juegos Del Hambre and was worried about the difficulty being too high for me to actually make progress, so instead of actually reading I’m scouring for different books that will not only will I enjoy, but also be at an appropriate level for me to understand to get the most out of my language progression.

Then I came across the thought of perhaps I should only be reading things if they come with an audio version too or vice versa, only listening to things that have a transcript that I can read.

I’m wondering if any others have experienced something like this and if you have any advice?

Thanks in advance. :)

TLDR; I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options and combinations there are to immerse in my TL, always worried about if I’m not doing it in the most optimal way rather than just doing it (reading/listening).


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