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Romnik gb United Kingdom

Hi all!

Steves Korean challenge was quite a few years ago now, and I remember him having issues with finding a good online dictionary for Korean. I noticed a previous post here, but it was like 10 years old!

I imagine that maybe a better dictionary has been found or developed over the last few years, does anyone have a good online Korean dictionary to use?

Many thanks!


December 05 在 22:08
  • wnint se 瑞典


    I don't remember what kind of problems Steve had back then, but at least nowadays I think you can find decent ones.

    The most popular is probably Naver's dictionary https://endic.naver.com/ (Naver English at LingQ). I remember that I started out using Daum's dictionary but now I like the interface over at Naver better. Especially how you can switch between English, Korean and Hanja.

    If you are interested in Hanja, I can recommend: https://koreanhanja.app/

    December 06 在 15:45
    • Romnik gb United Kingdom

      Thanks for the answer pal! This is great ^_^. I will try out this naver dictionary :)

      With regards to Steve, I remember in his 90 day challenge, one of his issues was that he struggled to find a dictionary that gave him clear definitions, and trying to work out what the word was in that context just took a long time (compared to Chinese and other languages)

      December 07 在 14:38