No hiragana or romanji alternative text on the android app.

svensatou jp 日本


Maybe this question has been answered before but I am not able to get the hiragana script over the kanji writing when using the app for android. I've found where to choose the Asian scripts but it doesn't change anything. Is it just not working or am i missing something. All help will be greatly appreciated.

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October 26 在 05:11
  • 管理員
    zoran rs Serbia

    For now Hiragana isn't available in the reader on the Android app, only in blue and yellow popups. However we are working on it at the moment and we will have them available in reader soon too.

    November 17 在 16:09
    • zeggy au Australia

      Ah yea I noticed this today too. I look forward to it!

      December 06 在 10:21