Language Learning for Kids

asiyaseng tr Turkey

Hi Steve,

I have a question about language learning for kids:

one of my co-workers is really worried about her son's (age 12-13 ) English education at school. She does not know how to measure whether or not her son getting a well language education

As for teachers, it is enough if the students gets high scores in the exams, but parents think a step further: It is a private school and they pay high fees and expect their children to "learn well" the language. As far as I understand, for parents, "learning well" means the child should be able to speak the language "easily".

Except from a few foreign teachers, the school has no foreigner so the child can be exposed to a different environment than the native language which is Turkish). Understanding, speaking, listening and writing are different stages of learning a language.. but it is apparent that traditional school education not able to feed these different stages 

So I would like to ask, how do you measure your child's level of language learning at school ?

December 06 在 13:23
  • octopusbuddy us United States

    I don't have any experience with this subject but I would suggest you could hire an online tutor (on lingQ, italki or whatever) to test them and give you feedback.

    December 06 在 13:58
  • Combiendemarins be Belgium

    Don't measure it. Assume he doesn't learn enough at school.

    December 06 在 20:04
  • 版主
    steve ca Canada

    Sorry for my delay in responding. I have been away from these forums but I want to take a more active role now. In my view, it doesn't matter what the student is able to say or even to write in the classroom. What matters is comprehension and vocabulary. It is important for students to develop the ability to read and to understand when listening. These are the important activities. Trying to learn the rules of grammar won't get them very far. Try to encourage children to develop the habit of reading and listening on subjects of interest in English or whatever language they are learning. In the long run that will enable them to speak better when the need arises.

    December 14 在 18:45
    • asiyaseng tr Turkey

      Dear Steve, I saw your post today... thank you very much for the reply.

      December 16 在 10:32