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gb   United Kingdom

LingQ keyboard

March 02 о 11:25

I'm sharing the keyboard I use for LingQ.

It's simple and fast, contrasting nicely with my learning of Greek but that's not the fault of LingQ or the keyboard.

With my right hand I may use the mouse, but with four fingers of my left hand I :

Enter, turning blue words to LIngQs and accepting the offered translation.

4 for something I know. E&4 work for me for the simplest categories that I can refind with my mouse if I want to.

Left and right arrows move across words and sometimes move page (they don't move to the next lesson)

$ is shift t and toggles translation.

To the right plays a video.

The red keys and F are for YouTube (slow, faster and full screen).

Update: I've changed the P to an S and it's for text to speech (of a word).

I use the other keys for non-LingQ things.

The keyboards are available on ebay.

The software is by sayoseed. You can program any of the keys to be almost any key press (or shift etc. and key). It seems to be simple and valid (but I can't tell), is partly in Chinese.

I'm OK with these key stickers but I imagine someone could sell them with nicer keys.