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gb   Birleşik Krallık

Reading/Listening Balance

March 11 at 18:35

Hi all,

I have been using Lingq to learn Spanish for the past 18 days. I have tried to learn the language before but was not consistent in my input/study as I found a lot of the material boring. fast forward to now, and I love reading native content, along with mini stories etc that are in Lingq.

I have a bit more free time at the moment so I am really focusing on my development and the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is look forward to my reading in Spanish!

I have centred my learning on reading as I enjoy it the most, but have been listening to some podcasts and simple short stories in the TL when I have dead time (1 hour 15 minute commute along with walking the dog, cooking etc).

Even though I have learned some Spanish words before and am not completely new, I find listening difficult. I am not too worried about knowing everything but wanted to know if others have had a similar experience where they enjoy reading much more than listening? What did you do to improve your listening skills? I should probably sit down and do some focused listening more but wanted to know what others think.

At the moment, I am not too interested in speaking too much. With my job I know a Colombian that I make some small talk with which is great to breach simple topics but at the moment I am focused with developing my knowledge of words and comprehension.

I'll list my stats below, I try to get at least 2 hours of reading time in per day. I usually hit a minimum of 5000 words read per day and then I can relax, or carry on if I feel like it. But the competition of trying to read more words drives me on!

18 days:

- 3383 words learned

- 106,585 words read

My target is to have some intermediate/meaningful conversation within 6 months.

Please let me know what you think :)