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ca   Kanada

Main Menu Help- Stop the hover to zoom feature!

March 24 at 03:03

Hello! Is there a setting to turn OFF the expand feature when I hover over a lesson in the main menu? When I move my mouse around the main menu and the lessons enlarge, it not only distracts me from what I was trying to look at, but is enough to make me not want to use the app. I can't tell you how many times I have logged in only to get disgruntled at this and then just move on elsewhere to my other content. It was mild at first but now it has led me to ask here how to turn it off.

LingQ is not intuitive as it is. I can get over that to some degree - because it comes down to a familiarity issue. But...this mouse-hovering-lesson-enlarging feature (not sure what to call it - Hover to Zoom?) makes it more unpleasant.

Please help in directing me how to turn that off. If it is not possible, please make it so. This is progressively becoming a deal-breaker for me. When people ask for advice on language learning resources, I can't recommend LingQ without mentioning this quirk.