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ChatGPT Stories

March 16 at 20:12

Here is an experiment I have been doing. I am Beginner2 approaching 2k words learned in my TL. I have been having ChatGPT write a short story in my TL and asking it to include 20+ words I want to work on. I find I "learn" a word in one piece of content then run across it in another and don't recognize it. Thought this would be a way to work on seeing known words in different contexts.

I landed on 20 because experimenting with 100 showed ChatGPT could not handle that volume and was dropping words. Consistently it includes the 20 when I ask it.

What comes back from ChatGPT is a short story with 50% known words, 25% words that are still Lingqs and 25% new words. I like that ratio. The stories are well formed, but sometimes the elements make no sense. A group of soldiers celebrate a victory in war by eating ice cream. Things like that. However the context is still there enough to get meanings of words in the setting, even if silly. Its a lot of work rather than cruising Lincq's generic content, but it is fun so keeps me engaged.