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A few suggested corrections in Hungarian mini-stories

November 29 at 09:30

I noticed a few minor errors in the Hungarian mini-stories, which I know are in beta.

First, several numbers are spelled wrong and this comes out in both the text and the titles. Two in Hungarian is kettő but in the mini stories it shows up as kettö. ő (with two long accents over it) is a different letter than ö (with two dots, called an umlaut in German). The two types of o have different sounds and as is, the word is misspelled. This same error is repeated each time the number two is used. For example, 22 should be huszonkettő and not huszonkettö, 32 should be harminckettő and not harminckettö etc…

Also, all of the numbers from 11 to 19 are misspelled. They should start with “tizen…” but there is erroneously an accent over the first i, as is tízen…. This accent is correct in the number 10 itself (tíz), but 11-19 shouldn’t have the accent. The number 12 has both errors! It should be tizenkettő.

Secondly, one word in mini-story 26 is pronounced wrong when reviewing the word. It is the word “kupacba” in the second sentence. “Először összegyűjti egy kupacba a szennyes ruháit.” It is pronounced as though it were kupakba. That word actually does have a meaning and the sound is attached to the wrong word….I noticed this because Hungarian is phonetic and when I wrote what was pronounced I got it wrong… (It’s minor but I might as well mention it while I’m at it!)


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