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Feature Request: Text to Speech for Imported Lessons

February 2022

So I left a comment on the latest video talking about LingQ 5.0 and I got a response from Steve (the response to my comment is below).

However, I thought it would be best to ask here because I'm not sure he understood exactly what I want to do.

If LingQ 5.0 does not have this feature I would like to cancel my subscription because I absolutely need this feature for my studies.

I need to be able to generate TTS audio for the whole imported lesson

What I am looking for is the TTS audio player to be on the "Page View" mode, not the individual sentence mode so I have control to play whatever selection of the whole lesson that I want. I also need the ability to be able to slow down or speed up the TTS audio.

Apps like Speechify already do this, but they do not have Korean supported yet.

LingQ would even be better than Speechify if they could do this because there is also the ability to make LingQs.

But the most important thing to me is that I need the ability to hear what I'm reading (with the ability to do so at different speeds - x. 5, x.75 slower than normal speed)

Is this feature planned for anytime soon?