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Possible Spanish experiment

November 29 at 01:41

I´ve just decided to spend about 2 weeks on the Canary Islands around Christmas time. I´ve done a bit of Spanish on LingQ here and there this year, mostly in August and now again since late October. I´ve mostly just read and am up to about 18K known words.

Even though I was sort of going to spend less time on LingQ for a while, I´m thinking about putting a lot of effort into Spanish now and seeing whether I can practice it during the trip.

I´m wondering whether it would be worth the effort. I´d have to not just read though. I´d have to at the very least practice creating sentences, throw some texts into the writing exchange here and so on etc. and maybe all it would bring would be the ability to ask about a few things and then quickly get stuck where you can´t really converse much. I think it would depend a whole lot on the patience of the people you´d meet. My experience is that you can get surprisingly far, even when you are very poor at a language, if the native speaker gives you time and patience.

Anybody know the attitude of the Spanish residents of the Grand Canary about foreigners trying to converse with them in extremely primitive Spanish?



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