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LingQ and Getting Used to Reading without Knowing the Defintions

December 03 at 00:08

I've heard from Steve and other language learning channels that a large step in progressing in a language is getting used to reading/listening without knowing the exact definition of each word. Instead, one should focus more on understanding the big themes/general ideas of what's being said.

I definitely agree with this sentiment, but I feel as if the way LingQ is set up gets in the way of this. Let's say I'm reading a passage with say 5 blue words I don't know. I may choose to not click on them since I can already get a pretty good idea of the text without knowing them. However, every blue word that isn't given a definition after completing this lesson is assigned as "known" despite me not knowing them. I have to click on words that I don't want to/don't feel necessary to learn.

Now conversely, if, after finishing, the blue words did NOT

disappear, then there would be a whole more clicking since I would have select that I already know each word, no matter how simple.

Is the solution then to read/listen in my target language off of LingQ from time to time?


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