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I want my money back

October 15 at 11:05

LingQ, what the hell.

I tried your app earlier this month, and on the same day, I bought a one-month subscription. The system that you use for language study is awesome. I was close to buying a one-year subscription, but opted for one month because I wanted to try it some more, and now, about a week later, I'm very glad that I did, while at the same time being angry I didn't check your app more before committing to one month.

Not only is the interface of your app incredibly poor and inaccessible in places, with missing options/buttons on the one hand (e.g. why can't I delete a language from my list by just pressing and holding it and having a "delete language" option pop up?) and unintuitive buttons whose functions aren't obvious and which have no hover-function providing a short explanation on the other (e.g. what does the "+" button one the course overview page do?).

A good part of it just flat out does not work.

Downloading content doesn't work, I have no idea where to find it on my phone.

Adding tracks in playlists doesn't work, 50% of the time they just don't appear.

Removing tracks in playlists doesn't work, they either just stay where they are, or they disappear from the list, but are still played when playing the playlist.

Rearranging tracks in playlists doesn't work, they simply pop back into the slot from which I wanted to remove them.

Deleting courses doesn't work, they still appear in my "continue studying" list after I removed them.

Adding courses doesn't work, they don't appear in my "continue studying" list when I want them to.

Setting preferences about my language level doesn't work, it has no effect on what content appears in my feed.

The pinyin in your Mandarin transliteration is severely flawed.

And those are just the problems I can think of off of the top of my head.

It's like the app just does what it wants, giving it an incredibly amateurish feel. How can a system that was launched some 15 years ago be this dysfunctional in its user experience? You need to invest some money to make. Your. App. Work.

Honestly, I wouldn't be this angry if your method wasn't so goddamn awesome. If your system just sucked, I would cut my losses of 13 EUR and move on. But having such an amazing system offered to me and then just completely spoiled by technical dysfunctionality aggravates me to no end.