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I Recorded my First Podcast in Chinese (Thanks to LingQ!!)

October 31 at 08:29

So after years inputting with LingQ, last December I set New Year's resolution to get my spoken Chinese to a level where I'd be comfortable hosting podcasts in the language. This weekend I finally did it, discussing the differences between Chinese & British politeness with my Chinese friend Katherine. Check it out here!😅 http://imlearningmandarin.com/2022/10/29/i-recorded-my-first-ever-podcast-in-mandarin-chinese-%e4%b8%ad%e5%bc%8f%e7%a4%bc%e8%b2%8c%e5%92%8c%e8%8b%b1%e5%bc%8f%e7%a4%bc%e8%b2%8c%e6%9c%89%e4%bb%80%e4%b9%88%e5%8c%ba%e5%88%ab%ef%bc%9f/