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ChatGPT Tips

January 18 at 20:04

I've seen only one other post about ChatGPT by . I'm amazed I am still finding people, even in the tech industry, that don't know what ChatGPT is.

Anyway, yes you can talk to it, crosstalk with it, and my latest favorite thing is take all my new LingQs for the day, and tell ChatGPT to write me a new story with all my new LingQs that I want to learn in a new context. This is great since with some words it could take another month before I see it again unless I save it in a flashcard or reread / rewatch something. With ChatGPT I can just have it generate a new story using the word within it, heck as many stories as I want, until I get a few good memory hooks and can consider it learned. Pretty crazy.

I'll update this thread as I realize more Language learning things I can do.

Follow Up:

ChatGDP writes hilarious stories. This has become my new favorite graded reader source.