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Advice please: Slow JAPANESE progress vs GERMAN/CHINESE

November 02 at 20:48

Hello everyone! Big advice needed with Japanese please!

My first LingQ language (zero previous language knowledge) was German and with a ton of reading and some tv I got to the level where I can have meaningful conversation with native Germans - great feeling!

I also learned some Chinese - way less reading practice and I'm nowhere near fluent, but I can ask and answer basic questions with native Chinese people, and understand the gist of many sentences when listening to basic kids stories and can follow the story.

My problem is with Japanese - I'd say, and LingQ backs me up on this, that I've read about 10 times more Japanese than Chinese. But it's still all jibberish to me! I can understand way less Japanese than Chinese despite putting in so much more time. I can't phrase much in the way of sentences and understanding audio without a transcript is impossible for me. It feels like I haven't really got anywhere at all despite how much extra time I've put in. What can you recommend to help get past this wall? I'm currently trying to do more listening practice to see if that helps (I admit I haven't done as much) but I'd really like to hear other people's advice and experiences. :)

Have a good evening all!

- Peter