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Web and Mobile App Updates - Week of June 6th

June 08 в 22:03

Here are the updates pushed to our apps over the last month.

Web App

  • Fixes to writing correction report
  • Fixes to sentence editor
  • Fixes to timestamp editor in both lesson and sentence editor
  • Library search bugfixes
  • Various fixes in reader related to meanings, dictionaries, status bar display
  • tag management fixes
  • improvements to reading counter
  • fix play sentence keyboard shortcut
  • added Armenian and Icelandic grammar guides
  • Video display fixes for large resolution screens
  • Updates to Streak email
  • Fixes for Firefox text selection
  • Enable full access to Continue Studying list
  • Fix issues in R to L languages

Android App

5.4.5 - 06/06/2022

- Improvements to the UI;

- SRS Due issue in vocabulary fixed;

- Streak repair popup fix;

5.4.4 - 06/01/2022

- Paragraph spacing issue fixed;

- Fixed issue when editing a LingQ definition;

- Fix for generated lesson audio that didn't start playback;

- Fixed wrong and repeated words sometimes showing up on vocabulary list;

- Fix for device's tts engine playing even when connection was good;

- Improvements to listening mode;

- Several improvements to the UI.

5.4.2 - 05/24/2022

- Added Korean specific fonts.

iOS App

5.0.18 - 2022-05-30

- Added share stats button

- Listening mode fix when timestamps are missing

- Sentence editor fixes