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ca   Канада

Web and Mobile App Updates as of July 29th

July 29 в 19:01

Android App

  • Manual Import of lessons
  • Sentence mode scrolling fixed
  • Improvements to lesson text interaction
  • Improvements to asian languages scripting rendering in lesson text
  • Fix to review cloze test not showing anything sometimes
  • View all statistics access from lesson stats screen
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Added Android help videos
  • Editing meaning saves when dismissing popup
  • Progress bar in lesson moves right to left in RTL languages
  • Improvements to Library filters
  • Fix to phrases in start of sentences not being highlighted
  • Fix to streak repair
  • Prevent scripts from overlapping with text in asian languages while using very small fonts and line spacing
  • Lesson stats improvements
  • Review session improvements to UI

iOS App

  • Bug fixes and optimizations for audio player
  • General bug fixes

Web App

  • Improvements to mobile web responsiveness and UI
  • Automatic audio generation added in Reader for imported lessons without audio
  • Timestamps added for generated tts audio file
  • Review activities upgraded
  • General UI improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixes to title text in reader
  • Added Contributor Rankings list on Contribute page
  • Added Icelandic as Dictionary Language
  • Transliteration improvements in Reader
  • Improvements to timestamp editor
  • Added More from this Source option in Library
  • Fixes to lesson likes, course counters
  • Japanese word splitting adjustments
  • General bug fixes