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Difficulties in using LingQ

March 19 в 09:48

Hello to all,

I recently signed up for LingQ to learn English again. I am a false beginner but I decided to go back to the basics.

To start with, I chose the "LingQ Mini stories Canadian English" which includes 60 lessons. But what next? What do you recommend?

When I do a lesson, I revise all the Lings (words and expressions) that I put in yellow until the system does not offer me any more revisions and then I go to the next lesson... Is this how it should be done? I'm having a little trouble using the system.

What lessons would you recommend? How did you progress from Beginner 1 to Beginner 2 and so on?

What about grammar? What are the best lessons that explain it well?

Finally, apart from Lingq, do you use another application to speak and "unlock" your jaw :-) ?

Thank you in advance for your help and advice !