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Question and Note on Free to Premium LingQ

February 23 em 18:38

As a long time premium user, I often recommend LingQ to people who are interested in upping their language game. Of course their first question is price -- the spoiled brats of the "free, free, gimme, gimme" generation.

Anyway, my question is this: What can a current free user do with the site when they sign up? I know you can only create 20 lingqs, but what happens after you've created those? Does that mean you can no longer look up words and mark them known?

I seem to remember that when I started on LingQ we could keep reading and looking up words and mark them known if we wanted to, but we couldn't mark them yellow / create LingQs after 20. That seemed like the right approach to me, as the site was useful enough to keep using, yet showed me how much more useful it would be if I had a premium account.

I know this is a tricky subject, because of course you want to make money and have people go premium as early as possible, but I just wanted to bring it up to see what the current free option is for people who'd wanna try LingQ before going premium.


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