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Does anyone here have any idea how lingq correlates to success in HSK and JLPT tests?

May 17 em 21:59


I've been doing LingQ for about one or two months now and I'm loving it. However, I have been trying to find discussions about how using LingQ relates to success in HSK or JLPT tests. I passed JLPT N2 about four years ago but haven't really given much thought to N1 after that. Now I have studied Chinese for about two and half years and am taking HSK4 this month and recently I began to read on LingQ in Japanese too to give myself a little rest from Chinese every now and again.

I expect getting to Advanced 2 level on LingQ should help with JLPT N1 and HSK6 but I would like to ask if anyone here has any experience with either test and using LingQ to prepare for them.


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