Youtube video not importing through lingq extension

nicholasjones1992 gb Reino Unido

this particular youtube channel doesnt seem to import even though it has subtitles, the linq browser extension comes up with the following error:

Error:detail: ERROR: jwty0Cmpr4Q: "token" parameter not in video info for unknown reason; please report this issue on . Make sure you are using the latest version; see on how to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output.

i dont understand what it means hahah. anyone can help me?

April 24 em 21:47
  • ridao ca Canadá

    I have the same problem. I am hoping someone knows what the issue is.

    April 25 em 00:21
  • Administrador
    zoran rs Sérvia

    Thanks for reporting the issue. We will get it fixed.

    April 25 em 14:26
  • Administrador
    zoran rs Sérvia

    This issue is now fixed and you should be able to import from YouTube again.

    April 25 em 21:42
    • JFC ca Canadá

      There's a new error now.

      "Error: details: Subtitles can't be used"

      April 26 em 03:57
      • bapehbe ru Federação Russa

        Same here

        April 26 em 14:15
        • Administrador
          zoran rs Sérvia

          Can you please send me a link to a video you are unable to import? Thanks!

          April 26 em 15:04
  • granahaj ie Irlanda

    I'm experiencing the same problem and it's happening both in Chrome and safari.

    You can still important the transcript manually for the time being by selecting "open transcript" and then copying and pasting the transcript. You'll be stuck with the timestamps though.

    Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

    EDIT: Just realised you can also toggle timestamps to off in the YT transcript so it's possible to import any video subs manually if you want to.

    April 26 em 06:40
  • Josem22 br Brasil

    Same here. "Subtitles can´t be used"

    April 26 em 15:27
  • mesut11 tr Turquia

    I have also same problem

    Error:detail: Subtitles can't be used

    April 27 em 08:54
  • AbdoTajer gb Reino Unido

    I have the same problem.

    "Subtitles can't be used" :(

    April 27 em 12:13
  • cyrus1994 fr França

    Hello I'm also having a problem subtitlles cannot be used

    April 28 em 18:22
  • angiemc us United States

    No luck today with Chrome.

    May 03 em 21:37