Learned LingQs not showing up

tutu10 us United States

I've had this problem for a while now but I thought that I might be doing something wrong. I've noticed that often, the number of LingQs I've actually learnt doesn't show up in my profile like it should. Today, for example, I learned exactly 10 new LingQs but my profile shows me as having learnt only 8. I thought that I might be LingQing terms I've already learnt (I did delete some LingQs a few months back and I'm reviewing the lessons again) but I can vouch that the 10 LingQs I studied today were completely new ones from a new lesson I never studied before.

I'm not particularly bothered about having a big number on my profile but I would like to have an accurate view as to how I'm doing. How do I solve this?

April 25 em 07:47
  • Administrador
    zoran rs Serbia

    Note that LingQs are counted as known as soon as they reach status 4. So if you have moved some LingQs from status 4 to checkmarked, they won't be counted as known again, since they were counted already back when they reached status 4.

    Could that be what happened in your case?

    April 25 em 14:26